Monday, February 1, 2010

Star Wars Bounty Hunters- Boba Fett

I figured I would start this blog off by posting some sketches in a new very simple cartoon style I am experimenting with. I idea is that I plan on tackling a new style every month or two then then switch to something else. Then after I have a few experimental styles under my belt I figure I will look back and analyze, them taking into consideration what works in terms of looks, speed, reaction from the public, what's fun to draw etc. Hopefully I will learn some things along the way and if I'm lucky possible discover a style unique onto myself that I can concentrate on for some time to come.

This week I'm going to do some classic Star Wars Bounty Hunters and who better to kick it off with than the infamous Boba Fett...


  1. Fett sets the bar for interstellar bountyhunting. My only crit is that it would be nice to see more movement and compositional interaction with his environment. His pose seems a bit unrelated to where he's standing. Especially considering the context of his storyline in RotJ. Love the style you're developing.

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  3. Dig it! I like the Sarlacc reference, though I still think the death-by-falling-into-a-pit-after-your-rockets-misfire was a weak ending to the ONLY cool character in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Happy Life Day everybody!