Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some confusion in the naming of Star Wars bounty hunters

I'm not sure if it was a mix up or somewhere down the line the folks at Lucasfilm figured Zuckuss looked more like a 4-Lom and vice versa, but if you collected the original line of Kenner Star Wars action figures you may remember the names on the packaging were juxtaposed. I'm not sure when the correction was finally made or for what reason, but I'm guessing many a bet was won or lost based on fans insisting they knew who was who out of these two bounty hunters. To make matters even more confusing I've posted a page from the official Empire Strikes Back movie magazine I received while in line to see Empire the day of it's premier. The magazine refers to Zuckuss as Zuckass a battle scared mangy human type. Maybe it's a typo, not sure.

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