Monday, April 4, 2011

Cartoon Mash-Ups: Update

Ok So this sketch blog have been a little light on post as of late. I had some more concept art from The Adventures of Alex the Ape that I wanted to share but never got around to it. In the near future I have plans to do a major web overhaul in which I plan centrally locate my website , blog, portfolio as well as an online store. When that happens I would like to add a more in depth showcase of Alex the Ape art.

Anyhow, moving on... I've been making progress on my project for The Mini Comics Dump Truck. At 22 pages it has officially moved out of mini comic territory into what most would call a standard format. As of this post the name of the book is Young and the Dead: No Zombies Allowed is is somewhat of a cross between Night of the Living Dead and The Goonies or Monster Squad. So if you think you might want to see kids kicking some zombie butt, stick around, I hope to post some more preview art in the near future.

Now on to something completely different... Cartoon Mashups! What's that you say? Cartoon Mashups are a new series of fan art sketches where I take to popular cartoon characters and, well mash them up. Let me know what you think. If you have any requests I'm open to suggestion.

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