Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Adventures of Alex the Ape

February was a was pretty sparse as far as posts go. I did manage to upload some character designs for the project I'm working on for the Mini Comics Dump Truck. I'm making progress on that comic and hope to post some of those pages soon, however right now everything is in a rough blueline pencil stage and I want to wait until it's a little more fleshed out before showing it here on the blog.

So while I'm working away on my mini comic I thought I would dig into the archives and post some concept designs I created for a children's program that I was involved in back in the days.

The Adventures of Alex was conceived as an environmentally themed children's program set on a tropical island where our heroes, Alex the gibbon ape and his friends strive to protect each other and the world they inhabit, from the diabolical mad scientist Dr. Ludlow. We shot a pilot for the series that was eventually optioned by a reputable entertainment company, unfortunately the program didn't really evolve much beyond that stage. I still believe there is something to be mined here, maybe as a web comic or even an animated short. Who knows maybe we'll see more from Alex the Ape in the future.

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